CPS Introduces Employee Onboarding

The hiring process can be a clerical nightmare with a number of state and federal regulations hanging overhead, but with our efficient hiring system you may never have to lift a finger to onboard employees and add them to our payroll system. Employees can log into a company specific URL that walks them through the hiring process. The process is totally customized to your business and can collect any information an employer might need that is unique to their business. The employee fills out their W-4 and I-9 electronically, signs them with an electronic pin they create, as well as signs off on the employee handbook and any other policy information that the employer requires. The system runs the employee through the E-verify process after a manager has approved the I-9 and results are shown in most cases instantly. Never again worry about I-9 compliance audit problems since the system forces all forms to be filled out properly. The system also screens for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which most businesses consistently miss because of a certification process through the state that is required within 28 days of hire. Not only are these employees identified through the onboarding process, but then CPS begins the certification process immediately and even calculates the tax credits for you. Whether you are in a high turnover business and implementing our system is an absolute must to organize your onboarding process and save hours of time, or whether you higher less often but want to ensure employment eligibility and take advantage of the WOTC, Choice Payroll’s Efficient Hire Onboarding Solution is a perfect fit.