HRIS (Human Resource Information System)


Our Platinum HR payroll and HRIS portal is a competitive solution to the ins and outs of tracking and maintaining a company’s human capital.Today Center: Effectively track reviews, anniversary dates, accruals and many other customizable tasks and tickets.hr4

Track Employee Info: Our system encompasses everything from time and attendance numbers to Osha incidents. Track training, licenses, reviews, certifications, sales figures, and many other aspects for employees of virtually every industry.

Employee Screening:  Apply for background and drug testing directly through our system and the results are ready to view and organized as soon as they become available.

Document Storage: Upload all relevant employee records directly through the portal to eliminate the need for paper files.

Recruitment Center: Follow each applicant as they move through job interviews, become candidates and eventually employees.

Performance Center: Track and evaluate your employees performance and set goals on future performance.

Quick Customized Reports: Structure relevant employee data into reports that make sense to you.


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