Paperless Option

Many businesses today are conscious of their responsibility to the environment and seek to minimize their use of paper products. Choice Payroll Solutions is no different. We understand that a paperless approach to payroll does not only reduce waste, but also streamlines productivity and saves money. Below are a few steps we recommend in order to make your business completely paperless.

Paperless option
  • option one

    Paperless Time and Attendance Solutions

    A paperless payroll solution begins with your business before checks are even prepared. Utilizing our online Time and Attendance program eliminates the need for paper time cards and schedules. All information is managed on the cloud and integrates directly with our payroll program, eliminating the possibility of errors when reporting your time to us.

  • option two

    Paperless Pay Options

    The most effective way to eliminate paper is to not print paychecks. Employers can instead pay their employees by means of direct deposit or through paycards. This eliminates shipping costs and the need to sign checks. It also can eliminate the need to spend gas and waste time driving to and from the bank. Complicated bank reconciliations with numerous paychecks to weed through are no longer an issue. Plus you no longer have to distribute your routing and account numbers on paychecks which reduces the risks of fraud.

  • option three

    Paperless Reporting

    By utilizing our self-service web portals, the need for paper reports disappears. Each employee receives their own login and only sees the information they are given access to. Employees receive their paystub electronically through the portal and can update their contact information online. Managers can be given access to only the employees in their department. Unlimited access to company reports is of course restricted to the owner, accountant or payroll staff member who needs access to company level information.

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