Time & Labor Management.

Time & Labor Management

Capturing employee labor through automated timekeeping is a proven and powerful method of managing labor costs

Our time and attendance options work for small and medium sized companies. Our hardware is easy to set up if you chose to do it yourself, or a member of our team is glad to help you accomplish this quickly. The system is easy to use and will customized to your needs. And our time and attendance options are affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Administrators can easily edit timekeeping data via the web. Our products range from telephone based, to traditional badge and PIN hardware units, and biometric add-on features. Our system is equipped to handle many functions such as employee view options, a range of overtime settings, numerous data editing capabilities, customized scheduling and more. We can also “script” certain rules specific to your company’s exact needs.

time and labour management

Our basic scheduling system will enable employers to better align employee labor hours to company objectives, as well as monitor “actual” versus “expected” performance. Objectives of scheduling include:

  • Identify late arrival or early departure
  • Track absenteeism for scheduled hours
  • Plan coverage among departments and employees
  • Monitor employee schedule changes
  • Set schedules based upon pre-set templates
  • Better prevent overtime occurrences

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